Where’s Winter?


It’s been SOOO long since my last post! Sorry folks! I’ve been so busy growing and learning that I completely forgot about my obligation as a young writer…Oops!

Well lets see what’s been happening since I last wrote…

Ah, yes. I CAN WALK!!! I LOVE walking! I had no idea how much fun it would be! And I am eating whatever my parents give me now plus my milk. Did I mention I love to eat? Yes, I love food! And water. I love my water. And of course, my doggies, Daisy and Oscar and my horses, Lumpy and Neo…But I don’t like owls…Nope. They scare the ba geeezeus out of me!  We have one that likes to come late at night and perch on our roof top. Daddy always gets up and shoes it away. I have no idea why they scare me, but they do. Creepy little fellas.

Daddy’s been busy working outside and getting the cabin and the horses ready for winter. A few weeks ago he built a solar water tank for the boys.


He also is getting ready to build the barn. The ground is level and several holes are dug and ready for concrete and beams. We’re going to build the ends first and use them as a lean to until the rest of the barn can be built. At least the boys will have shelter and we’ll have some hay storage for the winter.

On the cabin, daddy added some chinking under the eves of both gable ends. Boy does that help with the breeziness in the house! He also finished insulating the upstairs and putting up sheet rock. I think he just needs a couple more spots to do and then it will be ready for tape and texture.

Downstairs I got to help him put up some barnwood around the counter this weekend. It was so fun! He also built a hidden door to a big cabinet where mama stores her canning pots. I like it a lot, but now I can’t bang around on the pots unless mama can figure out my grunts and groans as to what I’m wanting.

Other than that, I’ve been to the park alot and learning a lot by reading lots of books. I lOVE to read! And today mama bought me a sticker book! I’m so excited to play with it. She let me play with her sticky note pad this morning, but I can tell she was not really wanting all the pages torn off…

Well, I’m ready for a nap, so I’ll catch you all soon!

Peace and LoVe








Wildfires and Smoke


Last Sunday, the largest wildfire in the US started at Hayden Creek, near Coaldale, Colorado. My husband and I rode our horses up there with our dear friend Ellen a few years ago. I remember it being extremely rocky and steep. We led the horses more than riding them because the terrain was so bad. Now it’s on fire…

The top image is from the west side of the fire near Howard.

last nights sunset
from Hwy 69
from Hwy 50 approaching Coaldale

As of yesterday, over 14,000 acres have burned and there are over 400 firefighters and personnel working on protecting structures and trenching the line. It’s been breezy all week and hot, so weather conditions aren’t helping.

My husband and I were talking about it last night and how nature takes its course. I’m always saddened to hear about wildfires and struggle to find the benefits even though I know they are there…

Enjoy nature my friends! But please be responsible when out camping. This fire was started by lightning but I know many aren’t.

peace and love

Cody’s momma


Essentially Loving Life

updates at the cabin here on the mountain


Summer is here! I’m so excited to play outside and swing at the park! I love being outside, except mama makes me wear a hat and sunscreen.

So much has been happening since I talked to you last. I’m getting four new teeth and I’ve been crawling around everywhere. I really want to walk so I practice standing up a lot on my own and walk with mommy or daddy.

Daddy’s been busy here at the cabin. This last weekend he hooked the cistern up to the house and has been hauling water all week to fill it up. Now mommy can wash more than a couple loads a day. He also covered up several ditches and dug fence post holes to get the horse paddock started. I’m so excited to have my horses home.

And mama’s been busy too! She just started working as a wellness advocate for DoTerra essential oils. She’s so excited about it and is already using them on all of us. I’m not crazy about the clove and coconut oil on my gums, but it does make the teething pain go away. And the lavender makes me sleepy. Anyways, mama said if I wanted to mention her contact information, that I could share it with you if you’re interested incorporating essential oils into your daily life. Her Instagram account is under essentially_loving_life and you can email her at samosart@gmail.com or go to her website:


Well, I’m off to take a nap. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and playing outside a lot!

❤️ Cody




Summer, where are you ?

a little blurb about the weather and what’s been happening on the mountain


The weather has been quite dreary this past week but we’re seeing some sun today with a side of wind. This morning, mama, the dogs and I went for a little hike to the far corner of our property and back. Everyone seemed a little out of breath but me. I didn’t think it was that bad! But that was before the wind started.

So yesterday I had a dr’s appointment in town but afterwards, mama and I stopped by the Mission Thrift Store to see if they had any bouncy walker things for me but they didn’t. What we did find was 5 onesies, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts and a shirt all for $5.79! Here’s a picture of most of them. I’m wearing the shirt and a pair of sweatpants today…



Mommy loves a good bargain! She’s on a couple apps that sells clothes, but she hasn’t bought anything yet from them since she says she can get better deals in town.

So today is my daddy’s birthday and his and mommy’s 10th year anniversary! I can hardly wait for him to get home from work so we can play! My Aunt Ellen gave us a real nice,  comfortable sofa that daddy and I like to hang out on. Thanks Aunt Ellen!

Hey! Did I tell you I can crawl on all fours now?! Its so much fun to see momma panic when it looks like I’m going to get into trouble! I’m really wanting to walk but I need assistance still. Some day soon….

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a great weekend planned!


💙 Cody


Solar Talk



Lately mamas been blogging since I’ve been napping quite a bit, but I’m up now so let’s talk solar!

Daddy said our system contains four L16  batteries. It’s powered by eight Siemens 75 watt solar panels. We have another eight panels that we still need to put up, but for now we’re doing fine with what we have.


Eventually we’ll also have a wind turbine up on a 60 foot tower. More about that later. I’m getting sleepy so I’ll talk with you all later.

Have a great weekend!


Spend less than $50 for groceries

What?! How is that possible? Cody’s napping right now so I thought I’d share with you how I’ve been saving my family money on groceries. First, I have to admit. I’m a Pinterest addict. I LOVE Pinterest. When I first became hooked, my husband used to tease me about being addicted. Of course I would deny it, but the truth is…I am. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing when it helps you and your family save money!

I’ve known for quite some time that planning ahead will almost always save you money in anything you do. For example, meal planning. I know it can be a little time consuming if you have run out of ideas or just don’t know where to start, but believe me, it’s totally worth it. And there’s always Pinterest for ideas! (wink, wink)

Last week I made out a meal plan for the week and with the help of my husband and our freezer, we only spent $40!!! I actually couldn’t believe it myself. We did this at our local grocery store without any coupons. I wish I still had that receipt to show you, but I think it has been accidentally thrown out. So this week I made sure to keep our receipt and our meal plan so I could share with you how we spent less than $50 on groceries for this week.

Like most moms, you run out of fresh ideas for dinner if you cook a lot, so I turn to my trusty Pinterest app for suggestions. When I start my meal planning, I make a list in my Evernote app and call it meal planning for the dates of that week. I only do a week at a time right now because we’re still adjusting to life off grid. We don’t have our freezer here at the cabin, so it’s a little trickier to plan meals when you can’t see what you have on hand.

Here is our meal plan for this week:


As you can see, I like to add the main ingredients I need for each recipe so I can add it to my grocery list. Once I have my meal plan completed, I make the grocery list. I use items that I may already have as well. This keeps the cost of your groceries down considerably. Check out your freezer and see what you can use. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how far you can get with what you already have on hand.

Here’s a copy of our receipt from our local grocery store. We live 20 miles to the nearest town and if we want to shop at Safeway, City Market or Wal-Mart, we’d have to drive at least 60 miles. The last couple weeks we decided to see how far we can stretch our money and save with groceries and the fuel expenses.



*While we’re at the store, my husband adds up each item so we know where we stand with our budget. You may have to improvise and put a couple of things back that you have on your list if you go over your budget. This week my husband put his cereal back on the shelf knowing it would save us $4 and he only eats cereal on the weekends. I put my milk back and saved $2.49. We also just bought one can of biscuits for breakfast sandwiches instead of two. If we need more, I’ll just make them from scratch.

I hope this post inspires you to look at your grocery budget and see where you can save. It is amazing how much money we spend on food not knowing exactly where the money goes!

Have a blessed and beautiful week!!!