Wildfires and Smoke


Last Sunday, the largest wildfire in the US started at Hayden Creek, near Coaldale, Colorado. My husband and I rode our horses up there with our dear friend Ellen a few years ago. I remember it being extremely rocky and steep. We led the horses more than riding them because the terrain was so bad. Now it’s on fire…

The top image is from the west side of the fire near Howard.

last nights sunset
from Hwy 69
from Hwy 50 approaching Coaldale

As of yesterday, over 14,000 acres have burned and there are over 400 firefighters and personnel working on protecting structures and trenching the line. It’s been breezy all week and hot, so weather conditions aren’t helping.

My husband and I were talking about it last night and how nature takes its course. I’m always saddened to hear about wildfires and struggle to find the benefits even though I know they are there…

Enjoy nature my friends! But please be responsible when out camping. This fire was started by lightning but I know many aren’t.

peace and love

Cody’s momma