Where’s Winter?


It’s been SOOO long since my last post! Sorry folks! I’ve been so busy growing and learning that I completely forgot about my obligation as a young writer…Oops!

Well lets see what’s been happening since I last wrote…

Ah, yes. I CAN WALK!!! I LOVE walking! I had no idea how much fun it would be! And I am eating whatever my parents give me now plus my milk. Did I mention I love to eat? Yes, I love food! And water. I love my water. And of course, my doggies, Daisy and Oscar and my horses, Lumpy and Neo…But I don’t like owls…Nope. They scare the ba geeezeus out of me!  We have one that likes to come late at night and perch on our roof top. Daddy always gets up and shoes it away. I have no idea why they scare me, but they do. Creepy little fellas.

Daddy’s been busy working outside and getting the cabin and the horses ready for winter. A few weeks ago he built a solar water tank for the boys.


He also is getting ready to build the barn. The ground is level and several holes are dug and ready for concrete and beams. We’re going to build the ends first and use them as a lean to until the rest of the barn can be built. At least the boys will have shelter and we’ll have some hay storage for the winter.

On the cabin, daddy added some chinking under the eves of both gable ends. Boy does that help with the breeziness in the house! He also finished insulating the upstairs and putting up sheet rock. I think he just needs a couple more spots to do and then it will be ready for tape and texture.

Downstairs I got to help him put up some barnwood around the counter this weekend. It was so fun! He also built a hidden door to a big cabinet where mama stores her canning pots. I like it a lot, but now I can’t bang around on the pots unless mama can figure out my grunts and groans as to what I’m wanting.

Other than that, I’ve been to the park alot and learning a lot by reading lots of books. I lOVE to read! And today mama bought me a sticker book! I’m so excited to play with it. She let me play with her sticky note pad this morning, but I can tell she was not really wanting all the pages torn off…

Well, I’m ready for a nap, so I’ll catch you all soon!

Peace and LoVe








Wildfires and Smoke


Last Sunday, the largest wildfire in the US started at Hayden Creek, near Coaldale, Colorado. My husband and I rode our horses up there with our dear friend Ellen a few years ago. I remember it being extremely rocky and steep. We led the horses more than riding them because the terrain was so bad. Now it’s on fire…

The top image is from the west side of the fire near Howard.

last nights sunset
from Hwy 69
from Hwy 50 approaching Coaldale

As of yesterday, over 14,000 acres have burned and there are over 400 firefighters and personnel working on protecting structures and trenching the line. It’s been breezy all week and hot, so weather conditions aren’t helping.

My husband and I were talking about it last night and how nature takes its course. I’m always saddened to hear about wildfires and struggle to find the benefits even though I know they are there…

Enjoy nature my friends! But please be responsible when out camping. This fire was started by lightning but I know many aren’t.

peace and love

Cody’s momma


Spring Snow

imageLast week we had about 2′ of fresh powder.  It was wet and heavy. Today it’s close to 70 and melting! Spring is officially here in Colorado. Going on our fifth week here at the cabin and getting the hang of how to live off grid. Cody’s busy playing today and asked if I’d write for him, so bear with me.

On sunny days like today and when we have plenty of water in our tank, I do laundry. Our water pump takes a lot of power, so we usually turn everything off  (in the breaker box) until the pump is full or until we’re done doing laundry, dishes, bathing…

Lately I’ve found that we do a lot of improvisation. For example, yesterday I wanted to make a Mongolian Beef stir fry, but I didn’t have one of the main ingredients. Soy sauce. So I turned to my go-to (Pintrest), and found a recipe for homemade soy sauce. I’ll link you to the recipe when I get to the computer. Feeding Cody and blogging on my phone at the moment. 😉 Anyways, dinner was delicious even though it took longer than planned due to having to make the soy sauce, but it was worth it.

So I’m curious if anyone is really reading our blog. I know we’re just starting out, but I hope to keep it going with my informative posts as well as delicious recipes I come across. If you are a reader of our blog and would like to know something we haven’t discussed, let us know! We’d be happy to share.

*photo credit daddy aka lngstrngr