Hold on to Your Hat!


Full moon rising

Last week we had a gorgeous full moon. Mamma couldn’t help take a few shots. And sometimes at night we get some pretty spectacular sunsets like this one…

Sunset over the Sangre de Cristo mountains

But lately it’s been super windy!!! Just yesterday, grandpa stopped by after he was checking on a solar system and showed us some pictures of a place just up the road from us. The wind blew the house over! Now this isn’t your typical house on a concrete foundation. They are raised on concrete pillars. And they’re small. But still! That gives you an idea how windy it’s been here. Hopefully today it calms down a little. I’m hoping mamma will take me out for a stroll with the doggies.

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Mamma and I baked bread, made some biscuits and then we tried making homemade tortillas. We didn’t have a rolling pin, so we used a Bronco drinking glass that seemed to do the trick. She made beef enchiladas with the tortillas. I sure wish I could of tried them. They sure smelled yummy, but daddy said I’m too little yet…

homemade tortillas

Over the weekend we went to our storage unit and daddy brought a bunch of  cool stuff home! Now we have a big rug upstairs that I can crawl on and a comfy chair downstairs that daddy and I sit on at night while the fire is crackling. And there’s a pretty mirror in the bathroom now so I can smile and make faces at mamma!

Well, I suppose I should go for now. We’re blogging on mamma’s phone and her battery is about to expire. I think she needs to set it in the sun a bit. 😉



Author: offgridcabinbaby

I'm now 8 months old and living off grid in Colorado with my parents. We have a tiny cabin on 38 acres and use solar panels, propane, and our wood stove. We like to tell stories and try homemade recipes.

2 thoughts on “Hold on to Your Hat!”

  1. It’s a good thing you’re growing bigger (and heavier) every day, or the wind would blow YOU to the next county!


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