Spring Snow

imageLast week we had about 2′ of fresh powder.  It was wet and heavy. Today it’s close to 70 and melting! Spring is officially here in Colorado. Going on our fifth week here at the cabin and getting the hang of how to live off grid. Cody’s busy playing today and asked if I’d write for him, so bear with me.

On sunny days like today and when we have plenty of water in our tank, I do laundry. Our water pump takes a lot of power, so we usually turn everything off  (in the breaker box) until the pump is full or until we’re done doing laundry, dishes, bathing…

Lately I’ve found that we do a lot of improvisation. For example, yesterday I wanted to make a Mongolian Beef stir fry, but I didn’t have one of the main ingredients. Soy sauce. So I turned to my go-to (Pintrest), and found a recipe for homemade soy sauce. I’ll link you to the recipe when I get to the computer. Feeding Cody and blogging on my phone at the moment. 😉 Anyways, dinner was delicious even though it took longer than planned due to having to make the soy sauce, but it was worth it.

So I’m curious if anyone is really reading our blog. I know we’re just starting out, but I hope to keep it going with my informative posts as well as delicious recipes I come across. If you are a reader of our blog and would like to know something we haven’t discussed, let us know! We’d be happy to share.

*photo credit daddy aka lngstrngr




Author: offgridcabinbaby

I'm now 8 months old and living off grid in Colorado with my parents. We have a tiny cabin on 38 acres and use solar panels, propane, and our wood stove. We like to tell stories and try homemade recipes.

15 thoughts on “Spring Snow”

  1. I find your posts by the tag ‘mountain living’ and love how you’re sharing your tips about living not only off-grid, but away from civilization. We’re also in the mountains in Colorado, Creede, if you know where that is. Are you somewhere around South Park? From your pictures it looks like you’re on a wide open range. Enjoy your spring!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading our blog! We’re near the Sangre de Cristos outside of Westcliffe. I’ve heard of Creede but I don’t remember where it is exactly. We have a lot of prairie on our land, but we love our view of the mountains. 🙂


      1. Yes, Westcliffe is nice, we stopped through there a couple years ago. Have you ever been to Bishop’s Castle? Creede is on the other side of the Sangres, across the San Luis Valley and in the San Juans.


      2. We’ve been to Bishops Castle several times. We always take family that stop to visit…I know where you are now. I remember seeing signs for Creede but couldn’t remember where!


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