Moo Moo pacifier BooginHead Pacifier
Moo Moo pacifier BooginHead Pacifier by offgridcabinbaby

Hi there! We’re in week two of living off grid in our cabin! We’re still learning the ins and outs, but we’re getting a long just fine. Our solar panels
aren’t up yet. It’s been really windy and daddy has been working a lot of hours
at his job. But we’ve been managing with our generator for the time being.
Mommy has been able to do laundry and we’ve all been able to take hot showers. Of course, I take a bath and play in the bubbles with my toys!

While I take my naps, mamma has been working on the computer getting new products made for our online store with Zazzle. Our shop is called offgridcabinbaby like our blog. Right now she only has a few items made, but hopes to have more in there by the end of the week. If you have a baby or like
farm animals, stop by our shop and get a few things! Right now there are a couple pacifiers and some onesies….My favorite so far is the Moo Moo design.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I know I sure did! I went to church with
my parents and then we went to my grandparents house and had a nice dinner
with family and friends.

Well, I should go play or something right now. Talk to you all soon! ~Cody


home sweet home

We finally moved into the cabin last Friday!!! We still have a ways to go, but we have heat, water, and power.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like right now while I’m napping with mamma…

There’s Oscar taking a nap by the stove. Daisy is sleeping by the door, and that’s me playing with Jack in my swing before my nap…