Essentially Loving Life

updates at the cabin here on the mountain



Summer is here! I’m so excited to play outside and swing at the park! I love being outside, except mama makes me wear a hat and sunscreen.

So much has been happening since I talked to you last. I’m getting four new teeth and I’ve been crawling around everywhere. I really want to walk so I practice standing up a lot on my own and walk with mommy or daddy.

Daddy’s been busy here at the cabin. This last weekend he hooked the cistern up to the house and has been hauling water all week to fill it up. Now mommy can wash more than a couple loads a day. He also covered up several ditches and dug fence post holes to get the horse paddock started. I’m so excited to have my horses home.

And mama’s been busy too! She just started working as a wellness advocate for DoTerra essential oils. She’s so excited about it and is already using them on all of us. I’m not crazy about the clove and coconut oil on my gums, but it does make the teething pain go away. And the lavender makes me sleepy. Anyways, mama said if I wanted to mention her contact information, that I could share it with you if you’re interested incorporating essential oils into your daily life. Her Instagram account is under essentially_loving_life and you can email her at or go to her website:

Well, I’m off to take a nap. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and playing outside a lot!

❤️ Cody