hush little baby

do you know how hard it is to be a baby in today’s world? let me tell ya, it’s not easy! just the other day, it took me several tries before i could get my first nap of the day in. mommy’s phone would ring just as I was dozing off. someone knocked on the front door and the doggies started barking. mommy to the rescue! as she consoled me with some warm milk and the swaying of the rocking chair…BRRING, BRRING. the phone again. apparently the landlord was trying to schedule a time to stop by and fix our closet doors. don’t they know a baby lives here?! needless to say, I slept really good that night…

yesterday we went up to the cabin! grandpa and daddy were working on some solar stuff. of course, when it was time to go, I was hungry and tired. so mommy and i met them up there. I don’t have any pictures from yesterday, but i’ll show you some soon!

speaking of pictures. my mommy is an artist and hasn’t been doing much in the way of creating lately (since i demand almost all of her undivided attention) but she has managed to start on a few new projects. and she said i could share one with you! it’s called MOO MOO and its her very first coloring book page! mommy said she’s going to make one of farm animals and her other one is a surprise. i love surprises! i wonder what it is?


MOO MOO by samos

Click on the title above to download the coloring page! When you’re done coloring, take a picture of it and send it to me! i’d love to see it in color!






hello world

my life as a baby living off grid in the mountains of Colorado

hello  world!!! my name is Cody and I’m a five month old baby that is getting ready to live off grid with my parents in the coolest little cabin that my daddy’s building…considering that I’m only 5 months old, please excuse my thought process. i have a difficult time staying focused on one thing and jump around a lot, but i’ll do my best to keep you entertained. =)

ever try breast eating while your mommy is blogging? let me tell you, its not easy! and i just loaded my clean diaper. please excuse us while we go get a fresh one on…

okay, i’m back. well, that wasn’t exactly the introduction i wanted for my blogging debut, but what are you going to do? when nature calls, you go. that is if your mommy or daddy was paying attention to your “i just peed” cry or “help! my butt’s dirty!” yelp.

ever since i was born, i wanted to share my story. but it wasn’t until just this week when i’ve actually had time to start one, if you can believe that! life has been nothing but a roller coaster ride ever since i entered this world. for starters, i came early. my arrival wasn’t supposed to happen until september 9th of last year, but my mamma fell pretty ill in august with severe preeclampsia called the HELLP Syndrome. once she was diagnosed, we were transported by ambulance to an amazing hospital with excellent doctors that deal with high risk pregnancies and the next day I was born, august 14th at 11:11 am.

before all that excitement, my parents had sold our house and needed to move out by august 26th. so when we got home from the hospital, our entire family came to help us pack and move out that weekend! oh, and i just about forgot. we moved into a barn. well, not exactly. it was an apartment in a barn. i guess we moved there because we were told that our horses could live there too, but when the time came to move in, they weren’t allowed to come. thankfully, my aunt ellen lets us keep them at her place until we are able to move to the cabin. oh yeah! did i mention we’re going to live in a cabin?

let me tell you about the cabin! in november 2014, my parents found some land with the cutest little cabin on it. well, there’s a little more to that story…the cabin is a shell of a cabin with a few framed walls downstairs and nothing more. it was built in 1987 and never finished. it sits on a little over 38 acres and is sometimes referred to by family and friends as the little house on the prairie.  it’s off grid and has no well. but the view of the mountains is breathtaking!

coming up…pictures and more fun stories about my life as a baby. =)