Sun Juice

A couple weeks ago, grandpa came up and wired our solar panels to the cabin. YaY!!! We only use the geenerator if we don’t have any sun. The week before, daddy was installing the panels on the metal rack. See?


Today, mamma and I were walking our dogs up the driveway before the clouds came. She took this picture so you can see what the cabin looks like with the solar panels up…


See all that metal laying in the front? That’s a big metal building that one of my daddy’s friends gave him. Mommy and daddy drove down to Texas to disassemble it and bring it home two years ago. We’re hoping we can get it up this summer…

This week marks our fourth week here at the cabin. While daddy’s busy at work, mamma and I stay busy doing laundry, eating, taking naps and just recently started baking bread. I can hardly wait until I can try some! Daddy says I’m too little yet.


Speaking of naps, I’m getting a little sleepy, so I’m going to go for now. See ya next time!


Author: offgridcabinbaby

I'm now 8 months old and living off grid in Colorado with my parents. We have a tiny cabin on 38 acres and use solar panels, propane, and our wood stove. We like to tell stories and try homemade recipes.

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