Summer, where are you ?

a little blurb about the weather and what’s been happening on the mountain



The weather has been quite dreary this past week but we’re seeing some sun today with a side of wind. This morning, mama, the dogs and I went for a little hike to the far corner of our property and back. Everyone seemed a little out of breath but me. I didn’t think it was that bad! But that was before the wind started.

So yesterday I had a dr’s appointment in town but afterwards, mama and I stopped by the Mission Thrift Store to see if they had any bouncy walker things for me but they didn’t. What we did find was 5 onesies, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts and a shirt all for $5.79! Here’s a picture of most of them. I’m wearing the shirt and a pair of sweatpants today…



Mommy loves a good bargain! She’s on a couple apps that sells clothes, but she hasn’t bought anything yet from them since she says she can get better deals in town.

So today is my daddy’s birthday and his and mommy’s 10th year anniversary! I can hardly wait for him to get home from work so we can play! My Aunt Ellen gave us a real nice,  comfortable sofa that daddy and I like to hang out on. Thanks Aunt Ellen!

Hey! Did I tell you I can crawl on all fours now?! Its so much fun to see momma panic when it looks like I’m going to get into trouble! I’m really wanting to walk but I need assistance still. Some day soon….

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a great weekend planned!


💙 Cody


Author: offgridcabinbaby

I'm now 8 months old and living off grid in Colorado with my parents. We have a tiny cabin on 38 acres and use solar panels, propane, and our wood stove. We like to tell stories and try homemade recipes.

10 thoughts on “Summer, where are you ?”

  1. Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! And Happy Birthday to Daddy too! Once upon a time he was little like you and so much fun! Love you lots pumkin!

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  2. May the loveseat bring both love and comfy seating to your off grid cabin! Can’t wait to see all the changes your mommy and daddy have made since our last visit….

    Liked by 1 person

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